Keep High-Heat Components Cool and Protected

Cerakote high-temperature finishes protects equipment from extreme heat, withstanding temperatures of up to 2000 degrees and creating a thermal barrier to keep equipment cool.

high temp cerakote exhaust

What We Offer

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Certified Experise

As certified factory-trained applicators for Cerakote high-temperature finishes, our expertise lies in providing custom ceramic coating applications with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering precision.

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Extreme Heat Protection

Cerakote high-temperature finishes create a thermal barrier that can endure up to 2000 degrees, keeping equipment cool in extreme conditions. Our finishes offer exceptional protection and performance for headers, exhaust systems, turbo housings, and other high-heat components.

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Durable & Long Lasting

Protect your equipment from heat-related damage with our specialized coating application process, ensuring durability and reliability for long-lasting component protection you can trust for years to come.