About Imperial Powder Coating

Our commitment to providing superior coating solutions has been the driving force since our establishment in 2012.

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Dedicated to raising the bar for powder coating quality

We value building lasting relationships with our customers, and we always strive to exceed their expectations with every project. Our team takes pride in providing the highest quality results with attentive excellence, creative solutions, and personalized care.

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Attentive Excellence

We care about the integrity of every piece in every project, and work with unmatched attention to detail no matter the size of the job. That's why we're trusted over and over for everything from precious heirlooms to critical machinery.

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Purposeful Creativity

Our shop is an engine for inventive, delightful solutions. No two coating jobs are the same, so our approach to achieving our customers' goals relies on critical thinking, flexibility, and innovation. We work to go above and beyond to add that extra-mile touch.

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Scaling Proficiency

Unlike large shops that treat customers like just another purchase order, or small shops that can't handle the scope requirements of modern manufacturing, Imperial Powder Coating can actually do it all. From restoring one-off keepsakes to coating thousands of identical industrial components, our team's seen it all and made it happen.

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Personalized Care

We believe in delivering no less than the best for every person and team we serve, the way they need it. We integrate with our customers to understand their specific needs, and ensure their jobs undergo the necessary processes, tailored to those needs, to ensure a dependable workflow.

Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Nate Barney
Austin Johnson
Shop Lead
Gavin Jarvis
Powder Coating Technician
Dalton Johnson
Powder Coating Technician
Amber Petty
Office Manager