Powder coating is a dry paint process using electric static application to conductive substrates such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel then over cured at 400 degrees.  Powder coating is a for more durable and cost effective finish versus liquid paint.

We offer over 6500 different colors and finishes for customers specific needs. Imperial powder coating serves many fields of work, such as restoration, manufacturing, commercial, agricultural, and residential.  Capabilities of large production runs with our batch system in our 8’x8’x20’ curing oven.

Powder Coating

Sandblasting services in our 10’x8’x20’ indoor booth utilizes various media’s from fine quartz sand, glass bead, crushed glass and plastic bead.  We can accommodate to our customer needs for removing paint, rust and corrosion to create an specified mil. specification.  Sandblasting is the most important process to a coatings performance removing all contamination and creating a profile for the coating to adhere.  Our sand blast rate is $95.00 per hour.


Certified factory trained applicator the only one in the region.  Cerakote is specifically designed to protect your firearm utilizing an air cure formula for optics and temperature sensitive parts and an oven cure for your metal substrates.  We offer production capabilities, custom camouflage patterns, battle worn and various other styles.

Cerakote Firearms Finish

Cerakote High Temperature finishes 

Certified factory trained applicator the only one in the region.  Cerakote High temperature ceramic coating is offered in multiple colors.  Designed to withstand 2000 degrees it creates a thermal barrier to keep things cool.  It’s great for headers, exhaust systems, turbo housings or anything that is going to be exposed to extreme heat.

Cerakote High Temperature Finishes

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